WILLY WONKA: the hilarious one. creator of the bestiez, and creator of the Wonka Pak our best friend, and awsuumm creator :)))

PEANUT: the dumb blonde (not rlly dumb...just a nickname...sometimes)...has maaaannnnyyyy blonde moments, hense the nickname "dumb blonde" :)))

BROWNIE: the crazy funny one. one of Peanut's bestiez. rlly fun, and filled wif chocolaty goodness :))) 

PANCAKE: the brilliant brunette with MANY blonde moments. one of peanut's bestiez, too. filled wif syrupy goodness :)))

CUPCAKE: the violent one. enjoys watching ppl suffering...jkjk...another one of peanut's besties. :)))

REACESS: the stupid one. jkjk. always wants to have fun, and is always loud. but is one of the best bestiez ever :)))